Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Your input can make the difference

What is PFAC?

Olivia Hospital & Clinic team members partner with patients and their families to provide guidance on how to improve the patient/family experience.

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Benefits of being a member
of the PFAC Council

For Patients and Families

  • Gain a better understanding of the Olivia Hospital & Clinics
  • Have opinions and ideas heard by Olivia Hospital & Clinics team
  • Become an advocate for patient/family-centered healthcare
  • Create lasting relationships with other council members

Benefits of the PFAC Council

For Olivia Hospital & Clinic

  • Create a better understanding between patient, families, and team members
  • Strengthen community relations
  • Work towards a culture that is more focused on patient-centered care
  • Promote a more effective collaboration between team and patients

Join the Council

If you are interested in making a difference, please join the PFAC council. Connect with Olivia Hospital & Clinic Licensed Social Worker at 1-800-916-1836.

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