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We are here to help you with your healthcare needs. Your care at all of our facilities is our highest priority.

Olivia Hospital & Clinic is contracted with numerous insurance or managed care plans.

Insurance can be confusing and we can help you with questions and concerns. Please call us at 800-916-1836.

Financial Assistance

Working in your best interest

In keeping with our mission and commitment to our communities, Olivia Hospital & Clinics offers several payment options and financial assistance programs for our patients. Call the Business Department at 800-916-1836 or email at billing@rchospital.com for any questions or concerns you may have about your bill.

Patient Forms

Medical Record Release Authorization

Outgoing Record

We need your written permission to release information from your medical record to insurance companies, attorneys, health care providers and others that are not covered by your consent for a common medical record.  Please use the form below to grant your permission.

Incoming Record

Written permission is also needed when transferring your medical records to us. Please use the form below to grant your permission. 


If you have questions regarding the use of these forms or the release of your medical record, call our Health Information Management department at 320-523.8303.

Medical Record Release Authorization Form


Rights, Responsibilities & Patient Safety

Rights and Responsibilities

Olivia Hospital & Clinic statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities is available at each Registration Desk. 

Click here for the MN Department of Health Patient Rights and Responsibilities audio.


Health care pricing is complex and can be difficult to understand. These resources can help you make informed decisions:

Healthcare Financial Management Association Consumer Guides
The Healthcare Financial Management Association has assembled two consumer guides to help patients understand health care prices and avoid billing surprises:



Patient Safety

Olivia Hospital & Clinic is committed to the safety of our patients, from reducing the risk of infection to ensuring your provider has all the information needed to prescribe the right medicine for you.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Caring To Share

Staff is available for patients and their loved ones to voice compliments or concerns for improved care and service. We value your comments.

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