Collection Procedures

  1. Accounts with verifiable insurance coverage will have claims submitted by Insurance Technicians within the Business Office for payment.
  2. Accounts with balances due, not collected at time of service, will be billed on a monthly statement. All accounts must be paid in full within the statement period. (28 days = statement period.)
  3. Accounts listed as uninsured will be sent a statement within 1-7 days of services being rendered. If client is uninsured they will be instructed that accounts are due and payable minus the 15% prompt pay discount if paid by the due date on the statement.
  4. Accounts not paid in full within the first statement period will be sent one more statement. (28 days)
  5. Accounts not paid within two monthly statements, with no effort to establish a payment agreement will be sent a past due letter generated by Business Office Staff.
  6. After the past due letter is sent, the client has 15 days to respond or the account will be considered delinquent and sent to a collection agency. Business Office Staff will attempt to contact the patient verbally to ask for payment during this 15 day period.
  7. Accounts not paid or payment arrangements not made within two statement periods and a past due letter will be considered delinquent and referred to a collection agency. Accounts will also be entered into the Minnesota State Tax Revenue Recapture program.
  8. Accounts considered delinquent will be verified through Medicaid to verify any late coverage.
  9. After approval the list will be forwarded to our collection agencies for processing. Delinquent accounts will be sent to the proper agency according to the alpha split, (A-G goes to Advantage Collections, H-Z to Colltech).
  10. After files are sent to the Collection Agencies they will send acknowledgements back. Advantage Collections will send the acknowledgment through a secure mail within 3-5 day. Colltech will send the acknowledgments back through their website.

Uninsured accounts will also be sent information regarding Renville County Hospital and Clinics UnInsured/Underinsured Discount Policy and Charity Care information. Completion of either of these applications will determine if a discount will be applied towards the unpaid balance. Balances not eligible for insurance payment and discounts will be collected in the same manner as the “Collection Policy” detailed above.

It is the policy of the Renville County Hospital and Clinics to not mail an itemization of account balances to patients unless requested. Monthly statements list the account numbers, date of service, description and charges incurred.

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