Patient Financial Policy

Olivia Hospital and Clinic, herein referred to as the Hospital, is committed to providing a comprehensive range of medical care in its non-profit, primary care facility. Its health services, as well as active outreach specialties, are developed to meet individual needs and improve the health status of the people it serves. The Hospital does not discriminate patient care based on race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation. The Hospital also does not discriminate services based on patients inability to pay or because payment for services is received from Medicare, Medicaid or other public insurance. The Hospital has a zero tolerance policy for abusive, harassing, oppressive, false, deceptive or misleading language or collections conduct by its debt collection agency, their attorney, agents and employees and Hospital employees responsible for collecting medical debt from patients.


Most insurance companies now require pre-certification for Hospital admissions and selected outpatient services. The patient is responsible for making sure this is done. Hospital personnel will assist the patient in the pre-certification process upon the patient’s request.


The patient will receive a bill for use of the facilities, patient supplies, diagnostic tests, outpatient services, physician charges, and hospital personnel utilization. The patient may also receive a bill from outreach specialists, radiologists or pathologists for services provided in relationship to their care. If the patient sees a specialist at the Hospital, the patient will receive one bill from the Hospital and one bill from the specialist’s office. If the patient receives additional testing or services such as radiology or pathology, the patient will receive a separate bill from the radiologist or pathologist for their services. In accordance with Provider Based Rural Health Clinic guidelines, if a clinic patient receives additional testing services such as radiology or laboratory, the patient will receive a separate bill from the Hospital for these services. Healthy exams, sports physicals and ICC physicals include specific elements. If the practitioner addresses patient concerns beyond the scope of a healthy exam, sports physical or ICC physical; the patient will receive an additional encounter and diagnostic charges to commensurate the additional services rendered.


Insurance polices are a contract between the patient and their insurance company. If the patient provides the Hospital with insurance information, as a service the Hospital will file the patient’s claim to the insurance company. Upon assignment of benefits, the patient’s insurance will pay the Hospital for covered charges. The patient will receive a statement after payment has been received from the patient’s insurance company for any balances due by the patient. If the patient’s insurance company has not paid the Hospital within thirty (30) days, the Hospital expects that the patient will take full responsibility for the bill.

If the patient’s insurance company causes unnecessary delays, the Hospital would be happy to assist the patient in resolving these issues. Additionally the patient could write to the Minnesota Insurance Commissioner at the following address: Minnesota Commerce Department, Enforcement Division, 133 East 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. Telephone 1-800-652-9747.

For Worker’s Compensation and Liability claims, patients are responsible for payment as follows until the patient’s account is paid in full.

The Hospital will allow thirty (30) days for payment from Workers Compensation, after which time the patient will be billed.

The Hospital will not become involved in disputes arising from personal injury. Financial responsibility for Hospital services always rests with the patient.

Un-Insured/Underinsured Accounts

Patients who are not covered by any insurance plan may qualify for a 10% discount of services if their household income is less than $125,000. Discounts do not apply to co-payments or deductibles. Patients who receive services and their financial class is “un-insured”, or patients whose EOB explains the service they received is not covered under their policy can request information to determine if they are eligible for the discount. Uninsured/Underinsured discount applications are available in the Business Office. For further information please reference the Hospital Uninsured/Underinsured Discount Policy.

Payment Options

The patient’s share of the bill is due at the time of service for all non emergent services. If the patient is unwilling to pay, they will be asked to reschedule their visit at a time when they can make the required payment. This includes the patient’s portion of deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered items. If the patient cannot pay their full deductible and/or co-payment, the next section lists deposits required prior to service given. The Hospital accepts credit cards for account payments.


Requested deposits may be applicable for all non emergent services that are not covered or assigned under an insurance policy. The following deposits will be requested:

  • Inpatient Services: Room rate per day
  • Observation Services: Room rate per day
  • Outpatient Surgery: $1,000 per procedure
  • Transitional Care: $100 per day
  • Maternity Services: $1,000 per admission
  • MRI Services: $600 per procedure
  • Clinic Encounters: $144 per encounter
  • CT Scans: $600 per procedure
  • Digital Mammography: $100 per procedure
  • Interventional Radiology: $300 per procedure
  • Cardiopulmonary Services: $300 per procedure
  • Emergency Room Services: $300 per visit
  • Laboratory Services: $50 per lab visit
  • Therapy Services: $100 per session
  • Outpatient Procedures: $500 per procedure
  • All Other Services: $500 per procedure or charges incurred

If the patient is unable to pay their balance in full, The Hospital will coordinate a payment plan based upon the terms below. All payment plans must have a signed contract. It is preferred that all payment plans be set up through a checking or debit account with auto payment. The Hospital will initiate all auto payments.

  • Balance Due/Months to Pay in Full/Minimum Payment Per Month
  • Up to $1,200/12/$100.00
  • $1201-$2400/24/$100.00
  • Over $2400/36/Monthly payment needed to pay account in full

Prompt Payment Discount

To facilitate prompt payment, patient accounts paid in full at the point of service or within fifteen (15) days of first billed statement will be granted a 15% discount on the balance due.

Charity Care

Charity care was designed to assist patients who are unable to fully pay for their medical expenses and do not qualify for public or other private assistance programs. Eligibility for Charity Care for Hospital Services is based on income and assets and for Clinic services based solely on income. Additional information and applications regarding the Hospital Charity Care Policy are available in the Business Office.

Account Resolutions

All billed accounts must be paid within the statement period unless payment arrangements have been made with the Patient Account/Collection Representative. Accounts will be monitored to ensure compliance of timely account payment status. If the account is not paid within two statements, the patient account will be considered delinquent and collection activity will commence. All accounts forwarded to our collection agency will also be forwarded to the State of Minnesota for garnishment through the Revenue Recapture program. All penalties and fees associated with collection activities are the responsibility of the account holder or their guarantor. Additional information regarding account resolutions can be referenced within the Hospital Collection Procedure.

Account Questions or Disputes

Patient Account Representatives are available to promptly answer any questions the patient may have regarding the patients account balance with the Hospital. Business Office hours are M-F 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To contact a Patient Account Representative, please call 320-523-8300 for local calls or 800-916-1836 toll free.

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