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Anti-Coagulation Clinic

The Anti-Coagulation Clinic is a service available through Olivia Hospital & Clinic that allows us to help manage the medications you take to prevent blood clots. This Clinic is staffed by highly-trained nurses who work in conjunction with your practitioner to check your blood test and adjust your dose of anti-coagulation medications.

The Anti-Coagulation Clinic is accepting new patients; however, a practitioner referral is required.

When a patient is started on anti-coagulation therapy, their practitioner refers them to the Clinic, where they will receive one on one education and monitoring.

A physician referral is required from your primary provider.

Benefits of Anti-Coagulation

The anti-coagulation nurses in the Clinic adjust your dose of anti-coagulation medication based on your practitioners directions.

Our patients receive personalized care which allows them to feel more comfortable with their treatment.

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