We make it simple to get care on your schedule. No appointment. No waiting rooms. Accessible 24/7.

To make your E-clinic appointment, begin here:

How does an E-clinic appointment work?

  • Complete an Online Health Interview: 5-15 Minutes
  • Answer a series of questions about how you are feeling and the symptoms you are experiencing—just as you would during an in-office visit.
  • You may be asked to provide photos of areas of concern, such as a wound – pictures can be sent from your computer or phone.
  • Your answers will be submitted to a provider for review.
  • You can start a visit anytime – 24/7

Provider Reviews: Within 60 Minutes

A provider reviews your responses and creates a treatment plan, which may include a prescription if necessary.
You’ll be notified when the results are available, usually within 60 minutes.
Note that if you cannot be treated online, you will not be charged.

Prescription: 2-3 Minutes

If a prescription is part of your treatment plan, you’ll be able to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Commonly Treated Conditions

  • Cold
  • Sinus infection
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Hay fever/allergies
  • Vaginal yeast infection
  • Pink eye/conjunctivitis
  • Diaper rash
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Diarrhea/constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Tick bites

About E-Clinic Providers

You will be provided care from the same trusted, board-certified, providers (Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant) you would see if you visited one of our clinics. That means, whether online or in person, you’ll receive the same high-quality care you’ve come to expect from Olivia Hospital & Clinic.

Cost-effective Treatment

The fee for an eClinic visit is $25. This does not include the cost of any prescription. Patients are responsible for the full payment as eClinic fees will not be submitted to insurance. However, individuals are welcome to file their visit through insurance on their own.

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