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Integrative Therapy

Olivia Hospital & Clinic's staff recognizes the importance of body, mind, and spirit in the healing process. Our integrative therapies are designed to enhance and compliment your medical care. Incorporating integrative therapies together with your medical care may encourage comfort and enhance your ability to heal and recover.


Clinical Aromatherapy

What is Clinical Aromatherapy?

The controlled & therapeutic use of essential oils in the clinical setting for the specific outcomes that are measurable. Aromatherapy is used for pain, nausea, anxiety, stress and sleep.

How does aromatherapy work?

With inhalation of essential oils, the molecules are absorbed through the nasal mucosa into the blood stream, and move from your nose to the limbic system in your brain, affecting changes in your body and bringing healing to the places that need it.
Maintains and restores health, encourages the body’s natural ability to relax and heal, and supports the balances of mind, body and spirit.

  • Inhalation is generally the most effective way to use essential oils
  • Topically aromatherapy allows the essential oils to be absorbed through the skin

Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

  • Decrease Anxiety, stress, depression
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Energetic Properties
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Boost Immunity
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Decreased Pain
  • Emotional Support
  • Decongestant
  • Increases Relaxation
  • Decreases Nausea
  • Decreases Muscle Spasms
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Ways to Use Essential Oils

  • Inhaler
  • Patch
  • Diffuser
  • Steam
  • Spray
  • Topical
  • Massage
  • Bath

Elements of Aromatherapy

  • Scientifically based
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Patient-Centered
  • Individualized
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Cost-Effective

Types of Aromatherapy


  • Anxiety/stress
  • Pain
  • Insomnia


  • Anxiety/stress
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Digestion/nausea/constipation

Sweet Marjoram

  • Anxiety/stress
  • Insomnia
  • Pain


  • Nausea
  • Constipation

Roman Chamomile

  • Anxiety/stress
  • Insomnia
  • Pain/spasms/cramps
  • Restless legs
  • Menstrual cramps


  • Restless leg
  • Emotional support
  • Pain/inflammation
  • Respiratory


  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Headache/migraine
  • Digestion/nausea

Emotional Support

Supportive conversation and assisting to make sense of life circumstances.

Please contact our Licensed Social Worker at 1-800-916-1836 for more information

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy can decrease patient anxiety and stress, provide a diversion from discomforts, and elicit joy.

Pet therapy provides comfort, support and animal companionship to patients and their families.

Therapy dog visits may reduce loneliness, offer entertainment and distraction, and are typically a highlight from the usual daily routine. Pet therapy is just one of the integrative therapies Olivia Hospital & Clinic Hospice Department offers to compliments and often enhance the care prescribed by the healthcare team.

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