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Adult Support Grief Group

The Adult Grief group is a program of education and support for any grieving person. It is an eight week support group for individuals to explore, share, process feelings and receive comfort and companionship.
The series is offered to any grieving person FREE of charge as a service of Olivia Hospital & Clinics. You do not need to be a patient or have utilized any services of Olivia Hospital & Clinics including hospice.
• Understanding the Grief Experience
• Handling the Difficult Emotions of Grief
• Caring for the Whole Self
• Remembering the Person Who Died
• Adjusting to the Loss
• Managing the Stress of Change
• Handling the Holidays
• Finding Meaning After Loss
• And More
We are here to help you with your grieving needs. Register today by connecting with Amy Boettger, MSW, LICSW. PLEASE CALL TO REGISTER WITH AMY AT 320.523.3451 or EMAIL BOETTGERA@RCHOSPITAL.COM
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