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Thank You Olivia Hospital Foundation

Dear Olivia Hospital Foundation Members,

I have been privileged to receive the Olivia Hospital Foundation Scholarship prior to my graduation in May 2018.  Since then, it has been put to good use with helping me pay for my schooling at South Dakota State University to purse a Bachelor of Science – Nursing Degree.  Along with being a recipient of such a generous scholarship, I also have countless opportunities within the hospital to take advantage of , from volunteering for community/county events to shadowing within different departments of the hospital.  I have also helped prepare for Olivia Hospital Foundation events such as the Paul and Lois Thompson Classic and Renville County Walk in the Park.  The summer of 2018, I followed a surgical nurse in the surgical department and to this day, I still have the opportunity to come in and shadow with Med-Surg, learning from those nurses.  I am extremely impressed with the staff that Olivia Hospital & Clinics holds.  There has not been a time where I feel like a nuisance with being here.  The nurses and providers do a very good job at informing me of certain procedures or event tips and trick for certain things that may seem hard to do or comprehend.  I still come in and take time to gain some experience because I feel personally that it will help me tremendously as I start to go through nursing school January 2020.

I highly recommend to anyone that has nay interest in the medical field to shadow at Olivia Hospital & Clinics, because I cannot express the amount of gratitude and respect I have for this place and all that it has provided for me.

Emma Rice
Olivia Hospital & Clinics Foundation Scholarship Recipient of 2018


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