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Who are your champions for healthcare?

Read the headlines these days, and you’ll get the feeling that everyone’s fighting—it just won’t feel like they’re fighting for you. Especially when it comes to your personal health and well-being.

And in this climate, when it seems like no one’s happy until the “other side” loses, we wanted to point out that there are winners in this story. There is good news in healthcare. And it benefits you, right here in West-Central Minnesota.

Your board of directors at Olivia Hospital & Clinics is made up of individuals who aren’t afraid to dig into the healthcare issue and make real and important changes at the local level. And to be honest, that’s the level of change that makes the most difference, because that’s where it impacts you directly.

These local change agents put in extra hours each week to make sure you have the best possible access to the best possible care, and if there’s any possible way to make it better, they’ll make it happen.

Take Sherri Broderius for instance. She could have been satisfied with being an active board member. She could have said the hours she puts in above and beyond her day job were enough (or too much). But because she wants to see actual progress in healthcare (and actually makes it happen in her community), she stepped up to an even greater commitment.

Sherri recently completed a two-year board-certification course through the Minnesota Hospital Association. This included 35 credits in areas ranging from principles of effective governance to strategic planning to patient safety. She learned legislative policy priorities and how to shape them. She studied grassroots advocacy and how to inspire it. She set out to improve the quality of care Olivia Hospital & Clinics, and she’s done just that.

She is a champion for healthcare, and she isn’t off in Washington, she’s just down the street. Maybe that could be an example for the rest of us. Maybe more of us could refuse to accept the status quo. Maybe we could stop believing that we’re too small to do anything about it.

Maybe that’s what we should be fighting for.

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