Nathan Blad, President

Board of Directors

Nathan is the President of Olivia Hospital & Clinic. Nathan has more than 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  In 2013, Nathan was named the Chief Executive Officer of RCHC.  Since that time, he led the construction of a new $24M medical center, which opened in the fall of ’15.  Nathan also oversaw the expansion of clinical services to include kidney dialysis, robotic surgery, orthopedic surgery, urgent care, telehealth services (including emergency, neurology, and cardiology), onsite mental health collaboration, and several community wellness initiatives.  Under his leadership RCHC’s gross revenues have increased from $11M (in ’05) to $44M (in ’17), while provider recruitment and retention has flourished. In his spare time, Nathan maintains involvement in several community organizations and enjoys traveling with family and playing guitar.

Nathan Blad
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